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How Oversharing On Social Media Can Cost You | Social Engineering

phishing social engineering

Social media has become so much a part of everyday life. It has many advantages and because of this most of us forget that on the Internet, we need to look to our left, and then to our right before crossing the road.

My Network Security Secret : Ways to Think like a Hacker!


The CBS television show Scorpion introduces us to Walter, who was arrested as a child for hacking into government computers. He is the villain in the series, right? No, not by a long shot. The government now uses Walter’s hacker mindset for good.

How cyber-thieves stole millions from banks, and how to fight the next attack!

spamtitan, cybersecurity, anti spam

Article by Sean Doherty, Head of Research & Development at SpamTitan Technologies. 

SpamTitan Technologies Listed as one of World’s Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies for Second Consecutive Quarter.


SpamTitan climbs the ranks of hottest cybersecurity companies in the world.

Why we’re stuck with HTTPS for the foreseeable future | Network Security


Why so much interest in replacing HTTP and HTTPS? HTTPS has been around for a long time. Netscape Communications created HTTPS by adding Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on top of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) in 1994. The current version is HTTP over Transport Layer Security (TLS), and it has been an RFC since 2000. But HTTPS is still not universally used.

Workers Are Wasting More and More Work Time Online! Why Businesses Need Web Monitoring.

web filtering, network security

Distractions,  Distractions everywhere! Not many people can honestly say they work every minute of the workday. We all take coffee breaks, read some news online or use that spare ’10 minutes’ to check Facebook!  Taking an occasional break  from work is often advised as a good way to recharge the mind. However according to a recent survey these occasional breaks are turning into habitual wasting of worktime on line.  In its annual Wasting Time at Work Survey  89 percent of respondents reported they waste time at work every day. Some even admitted they waste about half of their workday on no work-related tasks.

Success for MSPs : Interview with SpamTitan anti spam expert Steven Kenny.

anti spam, email security,anti malware

What can SpamTitan anti spam do for Managed Service Providers? Interview with Steven Kenny, Head of Support Services,  SpamTitan Technologies.  

Maximising Password security without the hassle | Network Security


No doubt about it, entering (and administering) usernames, and passwords is a hassle. The Google Authenticator and Yahoo’s on-demand passwords have presented some promising alternatives, but they are not universal. Passwords aren’t going away any time soon. The costs of converting to another system are astronomical; the conversion will take years  For the foreseeable future, as Sharon Profis wrote in CNET, “Passwords -- especially those not supported by two-step verification -- are your last lines of defense against prying eyes.”

Network security spending increases but IT Pros less confident in ability to stop cyber-attacks!

network security

According to an article this week in Dark Reading ‘most Companies Expect To Be Hacked In The Next 12 Months’.  They report that as security spending increases, the level of confidence that IT Pros have in stopping cyber-attacks is decreasing.

Time to rethink your password management strategy before it’s too late.

network security, anti spam

Yes you need to have a password management strategy, one that ensures you create safe and secure passwords.The number of leaked email addresses and passwords exploded in 2014.  Lots of big companies lost hundreds of millions of userids and passwords.  Every day there seemed to be a new news story about a business cyber breach.  Here we explain how passwords get stolen, how passwords are stored, and provide some strategies for how to avoid becoming a victim. What happens with all these stolen passwords? Sometimes they’re simply put up for sale. There are websites selling user/password combinations for lots of popular businesses—Amazon, Walmart, Dell—for just $2 each.

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