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No System Is Hacker Proof - Small Businesses are Increasingly Targeted in Unusual Ways!


It’s not a good idea to underestimate the creativity of hackers. Who would've throught ordering chinese food would have network security implications? Everyone knows that the web 
is a willing vehicle for introducing security threats into a business computer network, but cybercriminals manage to come up with web attacks that even the most cautious businesses wouldn’t expect. Recently hackers breached the computer network at an oil company by loading a menu from a Chinese restaurant that was popular with company employees with malware. Without adequate web security in place to block malware laden sites all the hackers needed to infiltrate the network was for employees to interact with the online menu.

Hacked phone system costs small firm $166,000

A San Francisco architectural firm ran up phone bills totaling $166,000 in just one weekend last spring. The firm’s phones were used to route calls to premium-rate telephone numbers in Gambia, Somalia and the Maldives. The phone bill was especially dumbfounding because no one had been in the office that weekend; hackers had broken into the phone system and used it to make thousands of calls.

Legal change around email archiving & e-discovery sparked by employee workplace discrimination case!

e discovery, email archiving

Archiving speeds responses to audits, discovery requests, and other data demands. With fast and accurate cloud search, a business can scour millions of documents and find exactly what it needs – in seconds.

Reduce your companys onsite data footprint with cloud archiving!

email archiving, network security

There are a  few good reasons why cloud computing has become so popular and prevalent.  Beyond the obvious reduction in IT costs, there is the reduced responsibility for housing one’s own data- there are several benefits for reducing one’s onsite data footprint in this manner.

Beware of Network Security Risks as Ebola Phishing Scams Spread

anti phishing

Unfortunately, it’s pretty predictable. People are dying of a terrible disease, and the criminal underworld just sees dollar signs. Ebola scams are flooding inboxes, and many of them are intent on spreading their own viruses. A Trojan is the hidden nasty surprise in many of the emails currently making the rounds that purport to contain important information about the disease. A typical example is an email that supposedly comes from telecommunications company Etisalat and promises an informative PDF presentation about Ebola.

Safeguarding IT Security When Employees Leave | Data Security

email security, network security

There have always been security issues with former employees. Did Joe have only one set of keys? Did Mary really leave with the company Rolodex? But the issues of 50 years ago were mild compared to the issues that companies face today when an employee quits or is terminated. An employee today could be walking off with passwords or confidential information that could potentially destroy a company.

Debunking Common Misconceptions and Myths about Email Archiving

back up versus archiving

From funny cat videos to financial data and document edits, the amount of information that flows through business email conversations is vast and touches every department in an organization. Despite this, only about 1 in 3 organizations have email record retention policies in place, according to the American Management Association. Why don’t we see more? I suspect some common misconceptions about archiving are partially to blame. 

Here’s what you need to know about Business Data Retention Laws!

cloud email archiving, data retention

Many people believe only regulated businesses have to preserve emails and other digital files – this is a dangerous misconception. Data retention laws affect most businesses, regardless of whether they’re regulated or not.  Which laws you must follow depends on the country in which you operate.  In the USA, the list of regulations is long:  SOX, HIPPA, Franks-Dobbs, Gramm Leach Bliley, and even the US Patriot Act.  In Europe, there are specific laws for EU member countries as well as The European Union as a whole.

Five Web Security Vulnerabilities Your Business Faces Today!


Not all cybercriminals are the same, some are large criminal syndicates targeting large corporations and some are the 20-year-old kids sitting around in sweatpants trying to think of an easy way to make a buck. Unfortunately, the field is crowded enough that there’s a real possibility that someone will try to make money by stealing information or money from you. A  2012 report showed that businesses with less than 2,500 employees were targeted half the time and businesses with less than 250 employees were victims 18% of the time. And of course most of these attacks are going to involve the web in some way.

How Email Archiving Can Save Your Business Money & Boost Productivity

email archiving, email archive, ediscovery

Do you need to archive your emails? If you have a business, the answer is yes. There can be legal ramifications to getting rid of the wrong data. Too many businesses, though, have an idea that they need to save emails, but don’t really know how to go about it.

Are you breaking the law by not archiving business email?

email archiving, email security

Email contains valuable intellectual property that needs to be protected against loss. What alternatives does the business have to meet that goal? Intellectual property is the set of ideas, inventions, and designs that gives your business value—it is your intellectual capital.  For Google, it is the secrets of their search algorithm.  For Lockheed Martin, it is the design for their newest stealth fighter.  For Pixar, it is the software they have written to make superior graphics.

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