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antispam, anti malware, anti phishing
anti spam, anti virus, anti phishing
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Cybersecurity 500 lists SpamTitan Technologies as a company to watch in 2015.

cyber security, network security

Irish security firms were noticeably lacking from the latest Cybersecurity 500, a recently set up global listing of the “hottest” firms in the cybersecurity sector. So far, only two companies come from Ireland; email and web security vendor SpamTitan Technologies headquartered in Galway and VigiTrust in Dublin.

Tackling social spam and the weakest link in network security, Humans!


Social spam is unwanted messages, pop ups and emails  on social networks that frequently link to advertisements. These ads often promote fraudulent services, malicious software and a range of dangerous programs whose purpose is to infect your computer.

Looking Back: The .XXX Domain Controversy | Content Filtering

.xxx domains

We discussed xxx domains in a blog post a few years ago - there has been much litigation and controversy since. In this article we revisit the .XXX Domain Controversy to update you on how the controversy has unfolded.

Worlds Biggest Cyberattack: Bank hackers steal millions

email security, anti spam, anti virus, anti malware

Carbanak cybergang steals $1bn from 100 financial institutions worldwide. The starting point of this attack was spear phishing  emails sent to employees. With phishing emails in 2014 up 3X on the previous year (Kaspersky report) spear-phishing isn't going away. More than 100 financial institutions in 30 countries have been affected in this  targeted attack reported to be the world's biggest cyberheist. Kaspersky told the Times "This is likely the most sophisticated attack the world has seen to date in terms of the tactics and methods that cybercriminals have used to remain covert." 

Kaspersky report percentage of phishing emails grew 3X in 2014 | Email Security

anti virus, anti spam

According to a recent Kaspersky  report  the percentage of phishing emails in 2014 grew threefold  from the previous year and accounted for 0.0071% of all email traffic. Their  IT Security Risks survey 2014  reported that the percentage of spam in total email traffic during the first quarter 2014  year came to 66.34%, down 6.42 percentage points from the previous quarter.

Security risk is business risk and needs to be discussed within that context!


You’re responsible for keeping a business and its customers secure—it’s your job—but management simply isn’t willing to commit to providing adequate funding.  Getting management to understand why they need to be bothered and why they need to provide budget can be difficult but it is part of your job.  An IT professional who is responsible for securing an organisations network, must fine ways to communicate to management just how vital security is. You’d think that after Target and Home Depot everyone would be very security conscious, but security too often is still a back-burner issue.

Allow or block? How to minimize the conflict between network security and productivity!

web filtering, network security

Jonathan Franzen famously goes to great lengths to avoid having Internet distractions suck up all his writing time. The novelist told Time magazine in 2010 that he writes on an old Dell laptop from which he’s removed all games and the WIFI card. Just to be doubly sure, he plugged in an Ethernet cable with superglue and then sawed off its head.

The Inner Threat - 8 Data Types System Administrators Must Secure for Cybersecurity!

social security numbers

It may seem to be a simple question—does your database contain sensitive data? We all know that social security numbers, for instance, are definitely sensitive data. Cyber thieves can use social security numbers to get control of existing credit card accounts or open new ones. They’re the most important piece of information that identity thieves can possess.

The Industrialization of Hacking | Network Security is everyone's responsibility!

hacking attack, anti phishing, anti malware

Hacking no longer means a teenager hacking into their school’s computer or trying to access a government or business computer for fun.  It has moved into the realm of criminal enterprises and government espionage.

On Using Alternate Ports for SSH | Network Security

anti spam, email security

The Internet is a wild and scary place, full of 'users' whose motives are broad and range from curiosity all the way to criminality. These cybercriminals are constantly scanning for computers they hope to exploit; the more common services exploited are SSH, HTTP, FTP.  

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