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Think hard about your BYOD strategy – if the device has internet connectivity secure it!

byod, network security, content filtering

What is the IoT (Internet of things)? This is such a widely used term but often misunderstood.  The Internet of Things is the fleet of devices with embedded electronics and Internet connectivity that are everywhere you look. That includes weather monitoring sensors, traffic lights, the GPS unit on your bicycle, your car, your smart-phone and countless other "things". These devices are literally everywhere. We are constantly swimming in a sea of things that have the ability to communicate with humans or with other devices.

Size matters when it comes to network security! The smaller the business, the larger the threat.

email security, network security

A business is subject to legal requirements mandating specific measures to safeguard the
confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Lack of compliance can lead to fines and civil, and sometimes criminal, penalties. But it seems that data breaches cost companies a lot less than we thought. Benjamin Dean is a Fellow for Internet Governance and Cyber-security, School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Business managers listened when he wrote a column in March 2015 on

The Conversation:

Targeted Attack Hits Banks and Financial Institutions | Network Security

anti spam, anti malware

The Carbanak attack is considered by many  to be the most sophisticated attack the world has seen in terms of the tactics and methods the cybercriminals used to remain covert.   However this ‘sophisticated attack’ was initiated by a relatively low-tech phishing email. As is all too often the case, the targeted banks were lax in handling emails and in detecting a breach once it had occurred.

8 Data Types a System Administrator Must Secure!

email security, anti spam

Many  IT professionals worry about the potential of a hacking attack but the really savvy IT people know that by securing their internal data they are also protecting against a hacking attack and ensuring the hackers won’t get their hands on sensitive data. It may seem a simple question—does your database contain sensitive data? We all know that social security numbers, for instance, are definitely sensitive data. 

Why defense in depth is so important? Reduce the possibility of a successful hacking attack.

network security, anti spam

Consider this scenario. An attacker has penetrated your firewall. What is to stop him/her from compromising your entire network? This is the rationale for defense in depth. The point is to secure each device in the network, precluding an attacker from hopping from one device to another with utter abandon.

Your website has been attacked by phishers – Now What?

anti phishing, anti spam

You've just received a report from your hosting provider or a third party that your site is hosting phishing content.  While your first instinct may be to remove the files, change passwords, and update everything as fast as possible, that would be a big mistake.  I know you want to get that Apple login page off of your site immediately.  However, if you take a few minutes to gather information, you will have a much better result than if you do not.

Honeypots – how far can you go in wasting a hackers time?

email security, anti spam

A staple of the System Administrators network security toolbox, honeypots can provide companies with unique benefits. For those who might not be familiar with the term, a honeypot is a computer system whose sole purpose is to be attacked, scanned or exploited. Why would one go through the trouble of willingly weakening a computer system? Do we not have enough issues keeping our systems secure in the first place? As valid as those questions might be, they entirely miss the point; for honeypots are amazing when it comes to observing an attacker's behavior, wasting their time, frustrating them and generally keeping them away from the systems and networks that we really care about. Any time an attacker spends interacting with a honeypot is time not spent attacking a real system.

How Oversharing On Social Media Can Cost You | Social Engineering

phishing social engineering

Social media has become so much a part of everyday life. It has many advantages and because of this most of us forget that on the Internet, we need to look to our left, and then to our right before crossing the road.

My Network Security Secret : Ways to Think like a Hacker!


The CBS television show Scorpion introduces us to Walter, who was arrested as a child for hacking into government computers. He is the villain in the series, right? No, not by a long shot. The government now uses Walter’s hacker mindset for good.

How cyber-thieves stole millions from banks, and how to fight the next attack!

spamtitan, cybersecurity, anti spam

Article by Sean Doherty, Head of Research & Development at SpamTitan Technologies. 

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