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Give your IT person a hug! It's sysadmin appreciation day this Friday.

server room monitoring

Are you ready for Friday 31st? Yes it’s SysAdmin Day 2015. Is there anything better than one ENTIRE day devoted to celebrating SysAdmins?

Pertinent Questions about Penetration Tests for SMBs | Improving Network Security

email security policy, network security

There are many small business owners that want to secure their infrastructure and realize the benefits of a penetration test; however, the majority believe that they really need not concern themselves with security network so much as they have no information a hacker would ever find useful. This mindset  ‘security through anonymity’, is fundamentally flawed as in reality, every business network, contains some useful information for a hacker.

The evolution of the hacker - will teaching about hacking lead to more attacks?

network security, anti spam

A black hat is a hacker who "violates computer security for little reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain", a definition attributed to Robert Moore in 2005. A white hat has been called an ethical computer hacker and/or a computer security expert who strives to ensure the security of an organization's information systems. A gray hat is something in between; a hacker that tests systems to find security holes. This involves penetration testing, “pentesting” for short, which is basically initiating a black hat offensive against a company as a test of their systems.

The shortfalls of exchange for archiving are many. Why a true email archiving solution is required!

ediscovery, email archiving, network security

The term archive has a technical meaning. It’s a collection of information that is permanently stored and unalterable. Archives are necessary for all businesses (to varying degrees) to comply with regulations and in the case of litigation.

DNS 101 - How DNS helps and hurts your network security!


The Domain Name System (DNS) was established to make it easier to use the Internet. It translates domain names to the IP addresses used by network devices. DNS allows us to use instead of to initiate a search. In short, it is the Internet's primary directory service. But DNS is a double-edged sword largely because of the insecure nature of the DNS infrastructure. Your DNS infrastructure can be threatened by attackers.

Using SpamTitan spam filtering with Microsoft Office 365 – the perfect fit!

anti spam, email filtering

Office 365 in the cloud has some great advantages. Microsoft manages the software updates, making it easier for the IT support services. You can collaborate in real time using different mobile devices and PCs.

Why cash-strapped SMBs must make smart network security decisions.

netowrk security, anti phishing

To a cash-strapped SMB, security seems like a frill, not a necessity. But an incursion can be lethal to a firm’s survival. In a previous article, we discussed how SMBs can manage IT just like the big guys using best practices. This article considers measures that can make the biggest difference to an SMB’s security posture. Some of the strongest protections against hackers can be common sense actions that protect from threats at little or no cost.

Secure Internet Habits, Do's & Don'ts - Cybersecurity 101

internet security, anti spam, web filtering

To complete our series on secure internet habits this article look at some practical Internet Do's and Dont's. Some of these may seem basic and common sense but reminding users of the basics can often avert an unnecessary security event.

The anti-spam cheat sheet: 11 spam filtering essentials!

email security, anti spam

No matter what email server or spam filter you’re using, there are a few quick and easy things you can do to reduce spam and related malware attacks on your network.

Basics of LDAP – Introduction to Key Components & Concepts

ldap, email security, anti spam

Want to be more productive and make your life easier?. That's what this System Administrators Guide to LDAP is all about. If you already understand what LDAP is, what it’s used for and the specific vocabulary of LDAP that's great, you may still find this article useful. Here we present a  brief introduction to LDAP for system administrators and programmers - if you’ve ever been concerned in the past about any aspect of LDAP, this article is for you!

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