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antispam, anti malware, anti phishing
anti spam, anti virus, anti phishing
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Success for MSPs : Interview with SpamTitan anti spam expert Steven Kenny.

anti spam, email security,anti malware

What can SpamTitan anti spam do for Managed Service Providers? Interview with Steven Kenny, Head of Support Services,  SpamTitan Technologies.  

Maximising Password security without the hassle | Network Security


No doubt about it, entering (and administering) usernames, and passwords is a hassle. The Google Authenticator and Yahoo’s on-demand passwords have presented some promising alternatives, but they are not universal. Passwords aren’t going away any time soon. The costs of converting to another system are astronomical; the conversion will take years  For the foreseeable future, as Sharon Profis wrote in CNET, “Passwords -- especially those not supported by two-step verification -- are your last lines of defense against prying eyes.”

Network security spending increases but IT Pros less confident in ability to stop cyber-attacks!

network security

According to an article this week in Dark Reading ‘most Companies Expect To Be Hacked In The Next 12 Months’.  They report that as security spending increases, the level of confidence that IT Pros have in stopping cyber-attacks is decreasing.

Time to rethink your password management strategy before it’s too late.

network security, anti spam

Yes you need to have a password management strategy, one that ensures you create safe and secure passwords.The number of leaked email addresses and passwords exploded in 2014.  Lots of big companies lost hundreds of millions of userids and passwords.  Every day there seemed to be a new news story about a business cyber breach.  Here we explain how passwords get stolen, how passwords are stored, and provide some strategies for how to avoid becoming a victim. What happens with all these stolen passwords? Sometimes they’re simply put up for sale. There are websites selling user/password combinations for lots of popular businesses—Amazon, Walmart, Dell—for just $2 each.

Web Security Threat as 145 Million Facebook Accounts Hacked!

web security, internet filtering

If your Facebook account has been hacked, you can report it here.  You should know that if this happens, it’s really your own fault.  It would not have been hacked if you were using two factor authentication. The most likely way that your password was stolen is via a phishing attack.  Or hackers could try another password that was stolen from another site and then try that on Facebook.  Such passwords are sold to hackers on exchanges. They often work because people regularly use the same password for different sites.   

Why patch management is vital for network security.

network security, email security

Windows, Ubuntu, and iOS all have security issues and need to be patched constantly.  As one security issue is found, security researchers find another.  Every time a new program is written, this introduces new security issues.  It’s a vicious cycle.  Here we give a brief overview of some recent security issues found with each of those operating systems to demonstrate the importance of patching the OS.

Cybersecurity 500 lists SpamTitan Technologies as a company to watch in 2015.

cyber security, network security

Irish security firms were noticeably lacking from the latest Cybersecurity 500, a recently set up global listing of the “hottest” firms in the cybersecurity sector. So far, only two companies come from Ireland; email and web security vendor SpamTitan Technologies headquartered in Galway and VigiTrust in Dublin.

Tackling social spam and the weakest link in network security, Humans!


Social spam is unwanted messages, pop ups and emails  on social networks that frequently link to advertisements. These ads often promote fraudulent services, malicious software and a range of dangerous programs whose purpose is to infect your computer.

Looking Back: The .XXX Domain Controversy | Content Filtering

.xxx domains

We discussed xxx domains in a blog post a few years ago - there has been much litigation and controversy since. In this article we revisit the .XXX Domain Controversy to update you on how the controversy has unfolded.

Worlds Biggest Cyberattack: Bank hackers steal millions

email security, anti spam, anti virus, anti malware

Carbanak cybergang steals $1bn from 100 financial institutions worldwide. The starting point of this attack was spear phishing  emails sent to employees. With phishing emails in 2014 up 3X on the previous year (Kaspersky report) spear-phishing isn't going away. More than 100 financial institutions in 30 countries have been affected in this  targeted attack reported to be the world's biggest cyberheist. Kaspersky told the Times "This is likely the most sophisticated attack the world has seen to date in terms of the tactics and methods that cybercriminals have used to remain covert." 

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