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Schools & Universities Extremely Vulnerable to Network Security Breaches.

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It seemed like a good idea at the time. Bosung Shim was desperate to get into medical school,
so he hacked into the University of Michigan’s computer system to change his grades. He was sentenced to three months in prison. Then there was the Purdue grad student who hacked into the system to give himself A’s (18 months). A student group calling itself Team Ghostshell hacked into hundreds of university servers, including those at Princeton, University of Michigan, and Harvard (never caught).

On the other end of the spectrum are the large-scale breaches that seem to have masterminded by pro hackers. Indiana University suffered a breach recently that may have compromised the information of 146,000 people. A  network security breach at the University of Maryland affected 309,079 individuals.

Post HeartBleed, are Phishers & Scammers Winning? Anti phishing

anti phishing, heartbleed, email protection

With all the recent disquiet surrounding the HeartBleed vulnerability users need to be on alert for potential phishing attacks. Many companies were advising users to reset passwords especially those used for sensitive websites. Because of the level of interest in HeartBleed, scammers are piggybacking on this with phishing attacks camouflaged as password reset notifications.

Would your company’s brand image and reputation weather a data breach? Web Security


Most retailers are battling declining store traffic and consumers reluctance to spend. In addition to these concerns the retailer 'Target' also has to deal with the lingering negative impact of the company’s recent data breach.  A consumer quarterly tracking survey by  Cowen & Co.’s Consumer (the first time since Target’s security breach) found “meaningful decreases” in year-over-year customer satisfaction with both the total shopping experience and customer service. Brand image and reputation are "inextricably linked". Could your companys brand image and reputation weather a data breach?.

Do You Use The Same Password For Every Account? SME Tips to Tighten Password Security

network security, anti phishing, anti malware

360 million stolen passwords are for sale online. But this is just the most recent in a series of
huge security compromises. In October, 153 million names and passwords stolen in an Adobe breach were on the open market. In November, it was 42 million passwords stolen from the dating service Cupid Media. This, of course, was around the time credit card information was stolen in the Target breach (110 million) and the Neiman Marcus breach (1.1 million).

What happens with all these stolen passwords? Sometimes they’re simply put up for sale. There are websites selling user/password combinations for lots of popular businesses—Amazon, Walmart, Dell—for just $2 each.

Network Security Threats are increasing in Variety & Severity - What are the Key Threats Facing your Organisation?


The number, variety and severity of various email, web and social media threats continues to grow over time. Perhaps the most notable recent event was the breach of 110 million records from a major US retailer’s credit and debit accounts as a result of malware in the company point-of-sale system, but that represents only the tip of the iceberg with regard to various types of threats that organizations can encounter.

Spam Fever for World Cup Strikes Again | Network Security

network security, anti spam, anti phishing

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a major sports event that doesn’t give rise to criminal activity from around the world? Unfortunately, the upcoming World Cup in Brazil is already inspiring all kinds of scams.  A massive event of international interest like the World Cup will always have lots of legitimate promotional campaigns and activity running alongside it with companys attempting to take advantage of the hype and excitement surrounding the event.

The Russian Snake (Uroboros) Virus : Stealing your data for 8 years?

network security, anti malware, anti spam, email security

The Uroboros (Snake) virus was not detected by any anti-virus software for 8 years, and is probably still undetectable on many infected systems.

Businesses to Network Security Professionals: 'Please Protect Us, but Don’t Get in the Way'

web security, internet security, cloud security

Google Glass. It has the ability to compose emails by voice commands. It can perform Internet searches. It can shoot pictures or video. Maybe it also provides a happy hunting ground for hackers. If Google Glass can see everything the wearer sees, it would seemingly provide a wonderful way of stealing passwords and other personal information.

Social Media and the Law - for businesses, getting clear on the rules via a social media policy is crucial!

network security, internet security proxy server

An employee was fired for posting on Facebook, "I think I work in a nursery, and I do not mean working with plants. Don't worry, it takes a lot of the b*** to grind me down." Her employers were forced to pay £12,000 in compensation when the court found her firing to be unjustified. This is just one example in the very, very grey area of regulating employee social media postings.

Who really owns an employee's Linkedin contacts? Web Security

web security, content filtering, anti spam

Oh, what a sticky web...Millions of us use the professional network LinkedIn as both a sales, marketing and database tool. Some have a few contacts, while others have hundreds. The ownership of these contacts has been the subject of much legal debate. With nearly a billion people worldwide using some type of social networking site, many SMBs have now adopted social networking strategies as part of their overall marketing infrastructure truly embracing social networking applications as a genuinely effective business tool to engage directly with customers, releasing news, marketing products or simply as a way of raising a profile and ultimately to increase business performance. 

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