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On Using Alternate Ports for SSH | Network Security

anti spam, email security

The Internet is a wild and scary place, full of 'users' whose motives are broad and range from curiosity all the way to criminality. These cybercriminals are constantly scanning for computers they hope to exploit; the more common services exploited are SSH, HTTP, FTP.  

Managing Insider Threats to Network Security - The Dangers Lurking in Your Office

data protection, network security, anti malware

Your company is under constant danger of cyber attacks, and not just from criminal syndicates in Eastern Europe. Thirty-five percent of cyber crimes can be traced back to someone who works for the victimized company. These attacks resulted in $40 billion worth of losses to US companies in 2013.  An organization should be prepared to defend against insider threats. According to one security firm, ninety-three percent of US companies are vulnerable.

Retail Cyber Attacks Dominate 2014 | Network Security

data breach, anti spam, anti malware

Data breaches and cyberattacks are scary and not just for consumers but also for IT professionals and small business owners. It’s hard to really grasp the level of fear that these attacks generate. Successful cyberattacks cost businesses a lot of money by scaring away investors and customers not  to  mention the expensive damage that can be done to an organizations computer network. The average cost of cyber crime attacks per organisation in the United States is estimated at 12.69 million U.S. dollars. Second-ranked is Germany averaging 8.13 million U.S. dollars in damages per company attack.

System Administrators Guide to LDAP | SpamTitan Email Security Blog


Want to be more productive and make your life easier?. That's what this System Administrators Guide to LDAP is all about. If you already understand what LDAP is, what it’s used for and the specific vocabulary of LDAP then you may still find this article useful. Here we present a  brief introduction to LDAP for system administrators and programmers - if you’ve ever been concerned in the past about any aspect of LDAP, this article is for you!

Top 5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2015 Revealed | Cyber Breaches & Data Loss

security breaches 2014 resized 600

Unfortunately, 2014 was another challenging year for IT  security professionals. In January everyone was still reeling from the Target breach, but as 2014 dawned there were immediately breaches announced that--like Target--were so large the figures were difficult to comprehend. P. F. Chang’s and Neiman Marcus had been victimized by hackers in 2013 too, though this wasn’t revealed until 2014. Then there was the roll call of new breaches: Home Depot, and Michael’s, and JP Morgan … and each of these breaches compromised the personal information of millions of customers. And these were just the huge hack jobs—there were many, many smaller breaches, such as the attack on the US Postal Service that compromised the data of 800,000 employees.

Weathering the Data Tsunami: Why archiving & eDiscovery Should Be a Priority for Your Organisation!

big data, data sprawl, network security

Remember when one gigabyte was a lot of space to have on a PC? Somehow we were all able to live with just one gigabyte, but in the years since then we’ve certainly managed to acquire and generate much more data. In fact, even the relatively generous amount available on the average hard drive may not be enough, and many of us have had to find imaginative ways of storing our ever-growing mass of data. According to IDC over the next decade, the number of servers managing the world's data stores will grow by ten times. The study also reported that unstructured information - such as files, email and video - will account for 90% of all data created over the next decade. 

Happy Christmas from SpamTitan Technologies.

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Wishing all our customers a Happy Christmas and looking forward to an exciting New Year !!

Losing customer data exposes a company to financial loss and penalties.

network security, identity theft, email security

The list of companies and organizations around the world that have been hacked is long and growing.  But when JP Morgan was added to the list, that showed that no system is 100% secure. One would presume that one of the world’s largest financial institutions, in charge of handling accounts belonging to governments and corporations, would have the world’s best cybersecurity money can buy. If hackers can defeat that then they can defeat anything.

Demystifying the 's' in https - How SSL and TLS work!

HTTPS FILTERING, network security

As the adoption of SSL enabled websites becomes more prevalent, with major providers such as Facebook, Flickr and Google now defaulting to HTTPS, the need to be able to analyze SSL traffic is a necessary requirement.  Most web filtering solutions allow you to block entire websites, for example if you want to block the whole of Facebook. However if you want more granular filtering on HTTPS sites like Facebook, then you need to read the URL itself, which is protected by SSL.

WebTitan 5.00 is now available! Entirely re-written for improved performance including key new features such as SSL inspection and advanced safe search.

network security, internet security

SpamTitan Technologies today launched the latest version of WebTitan, its on-premises web filtering appliance for businesses both large and small. WebTitan 5.00 has been re-engineered to provide improved functionality, speed, and scalability. It also now includes advanced https filtering for sites using SSL inspection. It solves a key issue for the education sector: it supports  “YouTube for Schools" and "Safe Search" options, which remove inappropriate search engine when offering internet access to minors and children. The Safe Search functionality within WebTitan supports all leading search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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