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Security risk is business risk and needs to be discussed within that context!


You’re responsible for keeping a business and its customers secure—it’s your job—but management simply isn’t willing to commit to providing adequate funding.  Getting management to understand why they need to be bothered and why they need to provide budget can be difficult but it is part of your job.  An IT professional who is responsible for securing an organisations network, must fine ways to communicate to management just how vital security is. You’d think that after Target and Home Depot everyone would be very security conscious, but security too often is still a back-burner issue.

Do hackers ever suffer the consequences for their cybercrimes?

email security, anti spam

Every time there’s a new revelation about hacker successes, it seems that the number of compromised accounts is more unbelievable. The announcement that a Russian hacker group has a billion stolen Internet passwords is certainly the most dramatic theft yet.  The number of compromised records isn’t the only unbelievable thing about this latest theft. According to a recent New York Times article, the hackers are in their twenties and live in south central Russia. When so much is known about the hackers, can’t something be done to stop them? Do hackers ever suffer consequences for their crimes?

Cybercriminals are Phishing for World Cup Gold | Email & Web Security

anti malware, spam blocker, anti spam

The World Cup is a big and exciting event for sports fans, but it’s just as exciting for the cyber criminals hoping to victimize those same sports fans. Cyber attacks become more sophisticated all the time, and the World Cup, though it’s inspiring a fair share of the same old attacks we’ve been seeing for years, is also motivating some scarily sophisticated scams which compromise network security.

New Research on the Risks posed by Social Media in your Business| Network Security

anti spam, email security, web security

What are some of the threats to your network security from social media and should you cut off your employee’s access to social media sites? How can SMB owners or IT guys protect the network security of the company? SpamTitan recently sponsored a survey by Osterman Research of 157 companies with an average of 1,470 employees as to perceptions about and experiences with malware.  Here we look at a couple of observations drawn from that report related to social media.

How to Protect your Data Privacy on Social Networks| Web Security


Most IT pros are a very safe, savvy lot when it comes to the internet. Some of you are into this whole Social Media thing and others think it's pointless and as dumb as a box of rocks. IT & System administrators have to deal with co-workers who are not as IT savvy and risk infecting the network by their unsafe social media habits.  

Why Target’s Security fails all of us | Network Security

network security, anti malware

The giant American retailer Target has been hacked and massively so; 110 million credit and debit cards were stolen along with their pin, card holder address, email, and phone number.  At first the company tried to contain the damage by not disclosing the attack.  They were only flushed out when banks started reporting unauthorized purchases all from people who had recently shopped at Target.  Confronted by security researchers, Target issued a press release and emailed all of those who were affected.

Be prepared for cybercriminal tradition of July 4th holiday spam|Network Security

anti spam, email security, anti phishing, anti malware

We are always reminding people not to open any email from unsolicited or unknown sources, especially with subject lines that are relevant to a newsworthy event. July 4th  celebrations were never going to go unexploited by the relentless cybercriminals.  Several  blogs ago I wrote about  the different behavioural vectors that attackers regularly exploit to breach your companys network.  Malware and other threats are usually included in the email under the disguise of familiar pictures, urls or videos appropriate to the story or in this case holiday being exploited.

Study proves Social media in the workplace not a productivity killer | Web Security


Much has been written about how to keep employees off social media sites during work times that researchers are starting to study the null argument. Namely, could using social media at work actually be beneficial? In a recent study published in the Information Systems Journal, the answer is yes!.

Dorkbot malware on Facebook chat compromises web security!

anti phishing, anti malware, web security

A new variant of the Dorkbot malware was discovered on Facebook this week,  the malware
was being used by cybercriminals to harvest users' passwords. According to  Tech Central the criminals exploited a flaw in the file-sharing site MediaFire to spread the malware. The malware is spread through a botnet that uses the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol to spread.The malware sent links to the malicious app to the victim's Facebook friends via the Facebook chat service. Clicking on the link would download and run the malware.

This is not the first time this year for Facebook to suffer issues. Earlier this year Facebook suffered an "error" that had an astounding ripple effect, as users of popular websites were redirected to a Facebook error page. It became clear to people that Facebook Connect could disrupt every site it linked to -- even more troubling was the view it gave us of possible future hacker attacks.

Employers liable for employee libel on Social Networks! | Network Security

network security, web filtering, social media usage policy

With social media sites at virtually every employee's fingertips, libel via the internet is becoming prevalent. The unprecedented growth of social media has seen the number of defamation cases involving online content rapidly rise. Several high profile cases are ongoing including Lord McAlpines legal case for defamation against Twitter users who wrongly named him as a paedophile. Social media sites and users including companys using social networks need to smarten up their act as defamation cases are being taken and won.

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